Master Plan - Parks & Rec

Purpose of the Plan
The purpose of this plan is to provide a vision and establish property uses for the Parks and Recreation properties in the City of Aurora. The City of Aurora is required to review and update its Master Plan every 5 years as designated by the City Charter.

Parks & Recreation Master Plan Review Committee
The Master Plan is a shared vision from the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Review Committee (PRMPRC), local stakeholders (school, parks and sports organizations) and the public.

The PRMPRC was comprised of 13 people that include:
  • Parks and Recreation Director
  • 2 City Councilman
  • 9 community members of which 4 also serve on the Parks and Recreation Board.
This Plan is intended to help guide future decisions regarding Parks and Recreation projects, emphasis and focus by combining research from the following:
  • 2000 Parks and Recreation Master Plan
  • 2007 Parks and Recreation public survey
  • 2008 Quality Committee survey
  • Committee meetings
  • Current City Master Plan
  • Stakeholder discussions
Planning Process
The master planning process began in August 2009 with the assembly of the committee and opening discussions providing a baseline of information. This baseline information includes:
  • A map of city properties
  • A copy of the 2000 Parks and Recreation Master Plan
  • Current City Master Plan
  • Results from the 2007 Parks and Recreation community survey
  • 2008 City of Aurora Quality Committee residential survey
The committee next toured the City properties and City to help become more familiar with existing facilities, locations and physical characteristics. A meeting was conducted to which local stakeholders and community groups were invited to provide an overview of their respective program, needs, uses and any recommendations. From this information, the committee began developing recommendations regarding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. These recommendations were then initially prioritized based on 3 categories of time frames (1, 2 and 3). Each committee member was asked to further prioritize each category (1.01, 1.02, etc.) to help finalize the priority time frames. The final recommendations are summarized and discussed in the Major Recommendation section of this document.

Helpful Resources

Feedback & Updates
The strength of a master plan is to continuously evaluate, update and prioritize various items and improvements on an annual basis. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please contact the Parks and Recreation Director. You are also welcome to attend the Recreation Advisory Committee quarterly meetings.