Safety Town

About the Safety Town
Safety Town is for children entering kindergarten in the fall. Safety Town is a program that teaches youngsters how to be safe at home, school, and play. The children are instructed on:
  • Animal safety
  • Caring for pets
  • Dealing with strangers
  • Drug and poison safety rules
  • Fire safety
  • Gun safety and personal body safety
  • Pedestrian safety
  • School bus safety
  • Seat belt safety
  • Water safety rules
Activities include a ride on a school bus. The children also learn rules of the road and pedestrian safety. To highlight the week, there is a graduation ceremony on the last day.

The program takes place at Leighton Elementary School. All sessions are Monday through Thursday for 3 hours each day. Sessions will be held during the month of July & August.


Registration Forms (PDF) are available at the police department and kindergarten registration. The number of children per session is limited.
  • There is no fee for Aurora residents.
  • Non - residents must contact Officer Yendriga to see if space is available.
  • Non - resident fee is $25.

Safety Volunteer